10-point, 8-1/2-year-old, 24-inch, Watson Buck taken on 2/14/09

Covert Ranch Late Season Bucks

For the past four years, while guiding our deer, dove, quail and turkey hunters at Doctor Charles Covert’s 2,222-acre LaSalle County Ranch, in the Platinum Quadrangle of South Texas, I’ve been following a mainframe mid-190’s 10-point buck ...


Big Buck Story

Diana Swanson has taken another great whitetail buck from the Covert Ranch. Diana is an experienced hunter, having hunted in Africa, North America, Mexico and at the Covert Ranch in LaSalle County, southwest of Artesia Wells.

2017 18 Buck Thumb

Another Gift from the Golden Triangle

The super-wide monster 14-point buck has 3 right-sided kickers and a droptine on a typical 10 point main frame and a greatest spread of over 28 inches.

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