Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Due to COVID-19, we are NOT offering hunts at this time.

No other Texas whitetail deer hunting ranch has so consistently produced trophy whitetail bucks in a traditional environment with only existing native genetics. No breeding or shooting pens, no trucked-in deer, no introduction of out-of-state deer and no eartags. This is Texas deer hunting at its best!

South Texas whitetail deer hunting is a unique experience. When you book whitetail deer hunts with the Covert Ranch, you will receive an informative, educational and interesting package of materials to make your experience more enjoyable whether you choose to hunt the trophy of a lifetime or a management hunt. You’ll find the facilities and hospitality at the Covert Ranch as well suited to family hunts as they are to corporate hunts and individual hunters and your hosts will work with you to “make it happen”.

Again, whether scheduled South Texas whitetail deer hunts are for family members, old friends getting together or corporate gatherings for clients and high-performance employees, the Covert Ranch provides an adventure where lifelong memories are made.


Consistent Deer Hunting Contest Winners

This ranch has not been commercially hunted in 10 years.


  • 240 3/8 Gross B&C buck won first place Texas Big Game Awards Region 8, first place in the Los Cazadores for most points with 30 scorable points and highest scoring native whitetail in the contest.


  • 201 7/8 gross (13 point) – Six 1st places – Cola Blanca, El Monstruo del Monte, Los Cuernos de Tejas, Trophy Game Records Big Buck Contest, Los Cazadores and Texas Trophy Hunters Big Buck Contests


  • 185 1/8 gross (14 point) - Seven 1st places - Cola Blanca, El Monstruo del Monte, Los Cuernos de Tejas, Trophy Game Records Big Buck Contest, Los Cazadores and 2 more


  • 2nd Best Overall Buck, Muy Grande Contest
  • Fabulous drop tine 170-class buck


  • 184 6/8 gross (15 point). Set record for horn mass (over 48")
  • Four 1st places - Cola Blanca, Los Cuernos de Tejas, Los Cazadores, Muy Grande


  • 184 6/8 gross (17 point) - Three 1st places - Los Cuernos de Tejas, Los Cazadores, Muy Grande; 2nd place - Cola Blanca
  • 178 gross (13 point with 7" drop tine) - 1st place Cola Blanca; 2nd place Los Cazadores; 1st place Most Tines, Muy Grande
  • 180 gross (12 point) - 3rd Best Overall Buck, Muy Grande

General Information

Our Texas hunting ranch includes 2,222 acres in LaSalle County in The Golden Triangle of South Texas; fly to San Antonio, rent a car and drive 100 miles south on I-35 to Artesia Wells. Private plane access at Cotulla airport (4,690-foot runway) 15 miles north of the ranch where rental cars are available. Wide variety of browse species, red sandy loam soil, abundant water, food plots, comprehensive game management for 25 years on this authentic working cattle and quarter horse breeding ranch.

Renowned for exceptional, contest-winning Texas whitetail deer hunts and the Texas state record for whitetail buck horn mass (48-1/8 inches).


"I have never flown a more impressive aerial survey anywhere in my life! Your deer herd is the best on a per acre basis of any in Texas!" - Game biologist, Mickey W. Hellickson, Ph.D., Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A&M University, Kingsville (11/1/98).

"These are the best bucks I've seen on any ranch in Texas and they just keep getting better each year!" - Johnny Burris, Mesquite Helicopters, whose firm surveys over 3 million acres of ranch land each year. (11/1/98).

For information about Texas Hunting License fees and information: 800-792-1112, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, www.tpwd.state.tx.us

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